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Dental Implant

All of us would like to look our best all the time. Even science tells you that looking good means you look healthy. It’s not just in the clothes you wear, but, your posture, aura, and we shouldn’t forget a beautiful smile.


dental implantA nice healthy set of teeth can be a very attractive asset for someone going on a date, a job interview, or a simple greeting down the street. This creates a positive perception of health, neatness, and a great-looking physical image.


However, people who’ve took a hit on their dental features because they lost a tooth or two through gum disease or through an unfortunate accident in the past may need some work on their teeth. It’s a good thing there are Dental implants to fix this problem.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are made of titanium acting as a root or post for a replacement tooth. This device is surgically installed to reach below the gumline on your jawbone to act as the abutment (support post) for the dental crown or dental bridge to be cemented in your mouth.

How do Implants Work?

Implants are firmly set on the jawbone and can only be remove by a dentist. It acts as a stand-alone support mimicking the natural root of a tooth which will promote better oral health because it doesn’t affect any of the other teeth in the area. Once the post is installed, a crown or bridge can be used to cover the titanium post and look like a natural tooth.


This device can be installed in multiple gap/spaces of lost teeth. Patients need to have good oral health and a jawbone that’s big enough for the titanium post to attach to. Patients who lack jawbone size are recommended to get a bone grafting or bone augmentation procedure before having dental implants.

Dental Implant Procedure

Typically, the dental implant procedure will take 3 months for the lower jaw and 4 month for an implant on the upper jawbone. Patients who need bone augmentation would need at least 6months to complete the entire process.


implant teethIt takes several steps to firmly install a dental implant. On the first visit, the dentist makes an incision on the gum where the titanium post will be implanted. A bone drill will be used to make a hole on the jawbone for the implant. The incision will be stitched together to close it.


Once the wound heals, another incision is made to expose the top part of the implant. An implant collar will be attached to the titanium post to allow the surrounding gum would to heal itself. After the healing process, a new abutment will be fitted onto the implant to act as the support for the crown or bridge.


There are more advanced procedures which fast tracks the entire process in one dentist visit. These types of procedures usually involve a mini-implant plus a denture.

Have a Dental Implant Now!

Dutamas Dental offers a fast and safe dental implant procedure for their patients. You will have the beautiful set of teeth you’ve always wanted. Call Us Today!