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Dental Health for Kids

We want our kids to have healthy and strong teeth. So start early with them, protect their teeth from decay. Dental visits are good to detect any early problem. Make it a regular visit every 6 months. Don’t scare your kids, dental visit don’t have to be scary.

1. How Old Do You Start Brushing Your Kids’ Teeth?

First baby tooth will appear when baby is 6 months old (may vary). You should start cleaning it by using soft cloth or a finger brush, twice a day. It’s okay not to use toothpaste because baby can’t spit it out.

Example of Finger Brush


2. First Visit To The Dentist

By 2 years old, most of the child teeth have already erupted (may vary). Total baby teeth for a healthy child are 20.

At the age of 2 years old, a child has a high risk of caries/ decayed tooth because has been introduced to sweets and high sugar content food.

What parents should expect/do on the first dental visit are

  1. Introduction to dental clinic
  2. Don’t scare the child, don’t say it’s going to be painful
  3. It’s just a dental check-up and
  4. Oral health education/ teach the child how to brush
  5. No treatment required if not necessary
3. How Often To Visit A Dentist

Parents should bring a child to the dentist every 6 months even though there is no problem or toothache. This is beneficial to detect early caries.

4. First Child Cleaning (Scaling And Polishing)

Usually kids don’t have much plaque or stains. Light polishing should be able to help clean their teeth. This is recommended every 6 months. Normal polishing of child’s teeth start from RM50 to RM70.

5. First Permanent Tooth

The first permanent tooth that erupts is the molars (back tooth) not the front tooth. It will erupt when the child is 6 years old (may vary). Parents should monitor the eruption of this tooth and monitor the child brushing their teeth as well to make sure they brush until the last tooth.

6. First Molars

The first molar is the easiest to get caries because:-

  1. The position of the first molar which is the last tooth at the back, difficult to reach during brushing and sometimes, who are we kidding, kids never brush properly.
  2. Anatomy of the teeth, it has deep fissures which makes food and sweets get stuck easily on the tooth surface.

 Example of first molar with deep fissure.


7. How To Protect First Molar

Since that the first molar is the first tooth to erupt when a child is 6 years old, it is the one tooth that easily got caries. We need to protect this tooth from getting bad. There are 2 ways to protect it.


  1.  Fissure sealants

Fissure sealant is simply a filling material that is use to seal the fissures of the molars so that food and bacteria can’t get stuck on it. It doesn’t have to remove any amount of teeth or enamel. The fissure is cleaned and scaled and then the sealant applied on the fissures. This procedure will take only 15 minutes but can protect the molars for a long time. Each fissure sealant will cost RM50 and it is recommended for every new molars/premolars that has already erupted.

 Example Of Fissure Sealant : Before And After


2. Another way to protect child teeth from getting decay is by using topical fluoride.

Topical fluoride is a solution/liquid that has high content of fluoride. Fluoride is needed to prevent decay for strong and healthy teeth. The procedure will take 15 minutes and cost RM80 per session. It is recommended every 6 months after scaling and polishing.

 Topical Fluoride Procedure

 Topical Fluoride Procedure


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