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Dental Crown & Bridge

Most of us would like to look our best at all times not only for ourselves but also to help how we are perceived by people. A healthy physical image is an asset since being healthy actually helps us come off better to people.

A big part of looking and staying healthy is our dental health. We spend a lot of time and money visiting dentists to get our teeth done. There are many procedures to make our teeth whiter, stronger, and healthier.

Although, some procedures like implants make our teeth healthier, it doesn’t give out the perception that your teeth are healthy because you clearly had a procedure done. This is where a dental crown or dental is introduced.


What is a Dental Crown and Dental Bridge?

tooth crownThese devices are classified under dental prosthetics and dentists cement them on a patient’s teeth to make their set of teeth look more natural. This procedure requires the skills of a dentist to install, clean, and remove. They’re not like removable retainers that patients remove and clean themselves.


How does a Dental Crown work?

This device is put on a damaged tooth to cover up the damage of decay or an accident. Aesthetically, the tooth will look more natural plus it’s molded and aligned to the entire set of teeth. An implanted tooth would need a crown to not only look like a real tooth but also be as strong and functional.

Dental crowns are made from either porcelain or ceramic because it closely resembles the natural whiteness of the human tooth. Gold, acrylic, and metal alloy are some of the material alternatives for this device as well.


How does a Dental Bridge work?

Dental bridges, just like the name suggests, bridges the gap/space between teeth with a prosthetic that acts like a tooth. A gap between teeth will cause the healthy tooth to slowly move into the space altering the natural alignment of your teeth. Consequently, the misaligned teeth will cause gum disease, bite problems, and it will eventually damage your temporomandibular joint causing an even bigger problem.

Patients may have one or more gaps and tooth bridges can be cemented to fill multiple gaps. Also, a patient can choose from various materials for their tooth bridge. Dentists would usually recommend the porcelain or ceramic variety.


Installing a Dental Crown or Dental Bridge

Both devices have largely similar procedures. First, dentists will reduce the size of a patients damaged tooth to become the base of the crown or bridge. Once the tooth reduction is done, they’ll get a mold of the tooth to use for the shape and size of the crown or bridge. For porcelain teeth, dentists will also take a look at the color of your teeth to match with the prosthetic they’re going to make.

A dental lab will use the mold to create the device to use. Patients will be fitted with a temporary prosthetic while the new crown or bridge is still under work. Once the crown or bridge is available, the dentist will permanently cement it on the prepped tooth to complete the procedure.


Get Your Teeth Done

We all want a beautiful set of teeth. But in most cases, it’s not possible without a little work. Your best bet would be to go visit Dutamas Dental to find out how to get started.